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When your landlord won’t listen or forces you to take legal action, you need a strong, experienced advocate at your side. Pettibone Tenant Law serves tenants — and Tenants only — with exceptional passion and care. Through aggressive advocacy and tenacious litigation, Pettibone Tenant Law (PTL) has won millions of dollars in compensation for California tenants.

Mr. Pettibone takes wrongful eviction and habitability violation cases throughout California. If your landlord refuses to make repairs, PTL will fight for your right to live free from the threat of safety risks, property losses, and health hazards in your home. If your landlord forces you to move through negligence and retaliation, PTL can recover your overpaid rent, recoup your moving costs, and enforce State and local laws to obtain punitive damages for landlord retaliation.

Raised in Elk Grove and groomed as a litigator in San Francisco, Mr. Pettibone will bring an unparalleled passion and tenacity to the fight against your bad landlord.

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