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5 star ratingMy case ended up being too small to hire an attorney, but Mr. Pettibone was incredible! He gave me insight and so much knowledge about my case, knowing that I would not need to hire him. You can tell he genuinely cares about the community he works in and about... read more
Macy B. Avatar
Macy B.
5 star ratingWe are currently working with Mr. Pettibone and he has been nothing but wonderful. He responds very quickly and answers every question we may have. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a tenant law lawyer.
Victoria B. Avatar
Victoria B.
5 star ratingJeff is clearly a passionate advocate/professional for tenants' rights. He was present and attentive during the consultation, and his commitment to mission and values shines. He explains things clearly (in lists and sequentially, which I appreciated). My experience with Jeff was that he aims for a win-win, and will be... read more
Menaka M. Avatar
Menaka M.
5 star ratingI had a great consultation call today with Mr. Pettibone! Mr. Pettibone was very knowlegeable and really helped me understand my issue better. If I end up going to court or needing any legal advice, Mr. Pettibone is the first person I will call.
M j. Avatar
M j.
5 star ratingI have a case involving claims between property managers, maintenance employees, tenants and their tenant association. Mr. Pettibone patiently listened to the facts and issues. He gave sound and very helpful advice that was new and others that were corroborated by other legal resources. He even... read more
Nathan V. Avatar
Nathan V.
5 star ratingExtremely knowledgeable! Very helpful and thoughtful We are so blessed to have Jeff Pettibone in our corner.
Gisella D. Avatar
Gisella D.

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